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Simone Delorme

Since completing  theatre school, I have worked as an actress, an acting coach, trainer and voice-over artist. In addition to working with groups, I also give individual counselling sessions.

Every year since 2009, I have attended courses and training with Universal Medicine. I am an EPA(Esoteric Practitioners Association) accredited therapist for various modalities, including Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Healing.

The common thread in everything I do is the realization that how we live has an impact on everyone and everything. There is so much more in this world than we can see with our eyes.

Inspired by writer and philosopher Serge Benhayon, to live from multidimensionality, truthfulness and full responsibility for my choices -  the way there – that for me is true personal development

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